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VDB Insights is supported by VDB Group, a private investment company owned by Reto and Susanne von der Becke.

VDB Group follows an entrepreneurial and long-term-oriented investment focus through the acquisition and development of promising companies in the German-speaking small- to mid-cap segment. We also selectively invest in private equity and private debt opportunities with experienced investment partners.

With all our portfolio companies, we strive to follow the business guidelines that are close to our hearts, both as an entrepreneurial family and as a long-term-focused investor. Our investment philosophy is rooted in a number of important values through which we aim to create positive economic, environmental and social impact.




Susanne is Chair of the Board of Trustees of The Klosters Forum, an organization dedicated to bringing together some of the best minds in policy, academia, NGO’s and industry in order to accelerate solutions to some of our most pressing environmental challenges.

The Klosters Forum is a neutral platform that brings together disruptive and inspirational minds. The Forum convenes and connects relevant, impactful and committed participants, giving them the time and space for deep thinking and an opportunity to share ideas and collaborate in a unique and intimate environment.

In 2021 the Forum will focus on the topic of “Sustainable Food in the context of Biodiversity”. We are continuing our work on “Plastic Pollution of our Oceans” (TKF18/19) within the change maker community and smaller side events. 

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Vulamasango (“Open Gates”) provides disadvantaged children with a new home and the chance for a brighter future.

Since 2009, Vulamasango, a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) situated in Cape Town, has been opening its doors to children whose parents either passed away, or, for various reasons, are no longer able to look after their children. In other words orphaned, neglected and abused children from the townships of Cape Town, and children who have been impoverished to such a severe degree, that survival without outside help has become impossible.

In 2019, Susanne and Reto von der Becke founded Förderverein Vulamasango Südafrika. Part of the funds are used to issue a yearly Grant to a selected group of extraordinarily gifted students in order for them to attend qualitatively better schools and receive university education.