Being Wholesome – Retreat

Mindfulness & Yoga Retreat 19.-26. March, 2022. Puglia

Learn various practices from traditional wisdom and cutting-edge research that allow you to live in greater harmony with your inner wisdom and purpose. Together, we will visit the wholesome states of steadying the mind, cultivating positive emotions of loving kindness, compassion, gratitude and joy, as well as equanimity and peace.

The retreat takes place at marvelous La Rosa Dei 4 Venti in Puglia, an ancient 17th century Monastery and “Masseria” (farmhouse), located a short distance from Martina Franca, a town halfway between Adriatic and Ionic Sea. The retreat center will be used exclusively by our group.

The retreat involves daily meditations, yoga and pranayama practices, theoretical inputs and group sharing. It leaves time for you to relax or explore the beautiful surroundings. Parts of the retreat will be in silence.

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Cultivate a positive mind
and reconnect with what matters.




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