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Being Wholesome – Retreat

7-Day Mindfulness & Yoga Retreat
19.-26. March, 2022. Puglia

On Peace and Action

It is the late 1990s. I am sitting on my scrubby bedroom floor in London, listening to a CD with a guided meditation.  Sitting quite peacefully on my cushion I listen to the voice of the meditation teacher who says calmly: “there is only this present moment… There is nothing you have to do, nowhere […]

Meditation on the heart

The Time for Change is now

The next decade will be crucial. Given our current environmental challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss and the erosion of our natural habitat, there is no time to lose… the time for action is now. According to Prof. Johan Rockström the world is destabilizing faster than we thought. Climate and Biodiversity are the two […]

Navigating transitions

The world seems to be changing faster than ever. The pandemic sent a stark reminder of something that has always been true: everything is temporary. Some changes affecting our lives are driven by us and some changes seem to be happening to us. Some changes we welcome, others we wish we could have avoided. Whatever […]

Meditation on the breath

Creating Conscious Impact

„We are currently approaching several social and environmental tipping points. How these will shape our future will depend on our willingness to do both inner and outer work“ Susanne von der Becke, PhD.

7 Tips for your meditation practice

Developing an impactful meditation practice is about training your mind to stay present and rewiring your brain so that you can live your life intentionally, authentically and with more joy – independent of what is happing around you. 7 practices that help you so that: Accept your thoughts (they will always be there) Sit regularly […]