The Brain and Beyond Podcast: Inner Work, Outer Impact

Actions, interactions, all the ways we show up in the world: they begin with us. Our inner state sets the stage for whatever happens next. I am excited and honored to share with you that I’ve been interviewed for the Podcast “The Brain and Beyond” by Ellen Petry Leanse. In this Episode, we talk about inner […]

Our outer and inner crises are connected

No doubt we face multiple crises in the world: the climate crisis, the economic crisis, and the global health crisis are just a few of the many problems and conflicts we read and hear about daily. Inner crises are also rampant: depression, post-traumatic stress syndrome, burnout, addiction—again, just a few of the many. As leaders, […]

Regenerating Inner Spaces

Finding flow in challenging times

7-Day Mindfulness & Yoga Retreat
17-23 March 2024. Puglia

Finding peace in difficult times

Mindfulness & Yoga Retreat – March 2022

Leading through uncertain times