I firmly believe that the power to effect change resides within each of us. While our world grapples with urgent environmental and social issues, we cannot afford to remain passive observers. We must actively engage in the process of transformation through positive action.

This journey always begins within ourselves. Although we cannot and should not sit and meditate all day, we must not underestimate the importance of inner practices that reconnect us with our essence, with each other, and the sense that we are part of Nature.

None of us alone can shoulder the monumental task of changing the world. Yet, collectively, we can become the pieces of a grand puzzle—a mosaic of diverse perspectives, talents, and passions that can craft the change we yearn for.

The time to embark on this collective journey is now.

In pursuit of this vision, I founded VDB Insights, my small contribution to the grand puzzle. Here, I lead workshops and retreats, offering guidance and inspiration to business leaders and change-makers alike. Beyond that, I actively serve as a board member and investor of our family office VDB Group, and I am honored to serve as Chairwoman of the inspiring environmental organization The Klosters Forum.

My journey has taken me through diverse paths. I am a former investment banker and a private equity and hedge fund specialist. My quest to understand the impact of financial markets on the real economy led me to obtain a Ph.D. in Science from ETH Zurich. I hold degrees from the London School of Economics, Harvard Business School, and ETH Zurich. Currently, I am writing my first book – a mindfulness guide for business leaders who want to change the world right now.

I am married and a mother of twins. We live in Switzerland, near Zurich, where I love being out in nature with my dogs and family.

Feel free to get in touch via this website or LinkedIn if this resonates with you. I would love to learn about YOUR journey!

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My story has been featured amongst 44 other “Women Who Are Changing The World” in Standing Up For The Planet.

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