7 Tips for your meditation practice

Developing an impactful meditation practice

In this video I am sharing 7 tips how you can develop an impactful mediation practice for yourself.

Developing an impactful meditation practice is about training your mind to stay present and rewiring your brain so that you can live your life intentionally, authentically and with more joy – independent of what is happing around you.


7 practices that help you so that:

  1. Accept your thoughts (they will always be there)
  2. Sit regularly (each time you do that you are strengthening beneficial neurological pathways) 
  3. Be courageous (what is in the way, is the way… sit with the uncomfortable and observe how this too is temporary)
  4. Integrate into your daily life (pause regularly to become present and respond wisely)
  5. Cultivate positive states (counterbalance our inherent negativity bias)
  6. Investigate your beliefs (is what you are believing 100% true? If not, can you let it go?)
  7. Be kind to yourself and others (the secret sauce to everything!)



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