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We all know it, see it, and feel it: this decade is decisive for our generation and the next generations to come. Our leadership will be defined by the extent to which we try to contribute toward finding solutions to some of our most pressing environmental and social issues.
I believe everything is connected, the individual and the collective, and that finding solutions to some of our most pressing global challenges requires outer and inner work.

My mission is to help changemakers create positive change for themselves and the planet. In addition to my active role as a business owner, chairwoman, and investor, I facilitate inner transformations through meditation, breathwork, and retreats.

I am currently writing my first book: a mindfulness guide for business leaders who want to change the world right now. 


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„We are currently approaching social and environmental tipping points. How these will shape our future will depend on our willingness to do both inner and outer work“

Dr. Susanne von der Becke

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